zaterdag 4 februari 2012

Are you APP-dicted?

Are you APP-dicted? I am! I have some apps on my mobile but I really want a tablet and lots and lots of apps. Well, I'm still saving up for it, so I thought, why not make some myself!

My latest elementpack: APP-dicted,

47 handdrawn app symbols

and 6 bonus symbols

and my layout using it:

and a new alpha set, Stretched alpha,

it's 4 colours of one alpha, so easy to mix and match.

Have a great weekend,


2 opmerkingen:

Michelle zei

I love this!..if it had a phone with it (in addition to the tablet), I'd buy it!

Michelle zei

I love the APP-dicted kit...if it had a phone with it in addition to the tablet, I'd buy it!