donderdag 14 november 2013

FlipOver Calendar 2014

My 2014 FlipOver Calendar is now available at Oscraps.
Here are some quick instructions on how to make a stand for your FlipOver Calendar.
Get your tools together.
You need: cardboard,  ruler,  scissors,  glue,  tape,  punch and albumrings.
Get your cardboard, scissors and a ruler
Draw your calendarstand.
You need two rectangular pieces of cardboard,
Size 10 inches long,
and 4,5 inches wide.
Draw a folding line 2,5 inches from the bottom.
Cut out the 2 pieces of your stand.
Use a bone folder tool (or and old icecrream stick) to make the fold line.
Get your printed calendar and carefully mark the holes and punch them out.
Glue the 2 bottom pieces of the stand together.
Or staple them together to make it stronger.
Tape the top side of the stand together, between to holes
and place the album rings (or use a string or ribbon).
Hang your calendar, et voila!
Congrats, you finished your calendar stand and created your own FlipOver Calendar.
You can always use a fancier piece of cardboard to create your stand, or decorate/paint it, but for this tutorial I just (re)used a regular piece of cardboard.
If you want an even fancier stand, this Calendar fits the IKEA Tolsby Frame perfectly. It sells for 1 dollar/1 euro/1 pound. I live close to IKEA so ofcourse I had to use it.