donderdag 2 september 2010

A scoop!!

Ooooh, some "inside" information got on the internet.
Anyone guess what the inside scoop is?? I bet it's not
hard to guess, maybe a little bit hard to find. But if you
use this as your inspiration you might find the right way
to my shop!

It's almost september 4th!!! Ooh, and will announce my
new CT soon!!

Want to win one of my new kits?? Guess my store
and leave a note here before Sept 4th. Mister random
will pick a winner!

5 opmerkingen:

Bill, Amelia and Jack zei


Petra zei

How did that get on the internet? Anyhow, I know so I won't tell LOL
Congrats anyway and I love your new header :D

Anoniem zei

I'm thinking maybe

Selena aka Bush Girl

Ellen zei

I'd love your new kit but...

terese zei

hm... guessing scrapinsider :-) looking forward to see your design! hugs, terese