maandag 26 juli 2010

It's raining ...

yeah, you thought men, right? Well then you're wrong!! Nananana, it's just rain. And that means we can't sit outside (well we can, but we don't want to get wet, do we?) which means we have to stay inside. Boring?? No... that's the time to get creative and this time not on the laptop. So camp geek turned into craft camp. Well atleast for the last three days. So my mom and I decided to pick a theme a day and than both get our own ideas around that theme to make something creative. How could it not be, our theme for today was RAIN, duh. We decided to make a art journal page about rain. So we searched for some lyrics and I made a page called under my umbrella, see below.

Yes, you're right. I said three days, which means on Saturday we decided to make an art doll.
And yesterday we made a collage, again see below.

So I hope you like them, and I think you would love to know what my mom made. So go check out her blog now!! See you next timen, hugs.

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Madi zei

I´m ready for more paper fun! (in a day or 2)

A Look Into Nana;s World zei

These are awesome!!! I am really loving that first one!! Hope the rain has stopped...I know after this many days you and your Mom would be really fighting over the computer!!! HAHA!!!